About Us

Trainsrunningstatus.live Provides information about the trains running status of the Indian Railways. There are about 12000+ trains all over the country and daily more than 2 crores of people travel over the trains daily. Being Railways as one of the cheapest and convenient form of transport, many people choose it as a medium in order to travel from Local spaces or else from one state to another.

Most of the times, People are very busy in their daily life and while travelling, they want to know the status of the train in order to get ready by the time of the arrival. At the same time, People also are desperate to know currently how far their journey has come out once they step in to the train? then using our site to check the current train status is going to help you out to find the information which you are looking for.

We aim to provide the best possible and more visible kind of data in order for you to check the information. You can also check the past 3 days data as well if you want to know the accuracy at which the train is as per the scheduled time.

IF you have any queries or else suggestions, You can Reach us via Email: support@trainsrunningstatus.live