HWH- BWN M LOCAL : 63501

Runs on: Daily
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Train is yet to start from Source. (checked 8 hr 12 min ago)
HOWRAH JN(HWH) (Current Station)
Scheduled Time Actual Delay
Arrival 00:00 00:00 No Delay
Departure 01:50 01:50
​ Day: 1
​ Distance: 0 km
BANDEL JN(BDC) (Next Stop)
Scheduled Time Actual Delay
Arrival 02:33 02:33 No Delay
Departure 02:35 02:35
​ Day: 1
​ Distance: 39 km
Scheduled Time Actual Delay
Arrival 03:40 03:40 No Delay
Departure 00:00 00:00
​ Day: 1
​ Distance: 107 km

63501 running status / 63501 live running status / 63501 train running status

63501 running status 63501 live running status – check out 63501 train running status live of HWH- BWN M LOCAL live train status data here at the page to track or spot your train.

63501 running status live

You can check out the 63501 train number running status updates using the above provided information which is related to HWH- BWN M LOCAL. The train usually starts at source from
HOWRAH JN(HWH) at 01:50 Indian time and reaches the BARDDHAMAN(BWN) covering a total distance of 107 kms and it reaches the station at 03:40 Indian time.

However, you can also check all the stations in between the source and destination and their arrival and departure timings along with delayed timings data as well which will help you to have a better information at your hand in order to know about your train running status information.

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