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Train Running Status offers Live Train Status & Train Status data to check Live Train Running Status inorder to spot your train. The Train Running Status can be known by entering the train number or name in the search bar and then click on submit button to get the current train status.

Train Running Status Details

Almost more than 2 crores of passengers travel daily in Indian Railways. Gone are the days where you need to go to the station and check whether train has arrived to the station or not? but now, with the advancement in the Technology, you can easily know about a Train Running Status by entering the details of the train you want to know. This kind of Information is going to help the users a lot as they can easily know the status of the train which they are looking to know currently at which station? and arrives at what time to their station? or else where the train is located when they checked from sitting inside the train, which can help them to know on a better information on when they can reach the destination based on the current status of the train.


Live Train Status

Live Train status can help you to check the current live train running status. However, there can be a delay of 5 to 10 minutes sometimes in getting the updates, So you need to be aware of these things and make sure to be at the station 15 minutes before itself despite sometimes you can get the current train status being updated a few seconds ago. Sometimes it can take even up to 10 minutes as well since the last update, Hence you need to make sure of these things while using the Live Train Status information. On the whole, you were able to get a clear picture of the train whole running details in a much better look with the advent of technology today.

Train Running Status delayed and On time Information

You can clearly check the information like what is the actual time of arrival which was supposed to reach a certain station and if delayed, you can know information like how much time the train was delayed at each station. All these data can be helpful and useful for you in order to access how late the train is running and can give a clarity on when it might can arrive to your location. However, as said, make sure to be present 15 minutes before and also check last updated train running status in order to avoid any kind of conflict.

Train Status data

You can also find the train status data of past 3 days as well in order to know how consistent the train is arrived at the destination as per the scheduled time, this can give a better analysis and estimate of the usual train behavior in the delay of the run time. You can also check tomorrow scheduled status of the train as well.

How to check Train Running Status

You can check the Train Running status of your preferred train by simply entering either the name of the train or else the number of the train in the above search bar. You can see the train which you are looking for from the list and can select the train, then click the search button, which will redirect to the information about the train running status of your desired train. You can check where the train is currently located and last updated information of the data and also other things like how much time it was being delayed at each station if any or else if it is running as per schedule as well, you can know all these kind of the stuff. If you want to check yesterday, how much time the train took to arrive to your location, you can do it by clicking on the yesterday information which will provide access to that train data and also if want to check for past 3 days data as well, you can know it by clicking on the respective information which was available on the train running status page at the top. Thus you can easily have access or know the information which you want to know or look at for.

When Train Status have become popular

Despite the information is being available in Indian Railways official site since past few years. The popularity of train status raised from the year of 2014 when there came new players in the market who want to provide much better information to the audience with an advanced user interface. Slowly, as these things gained momentum, they have become one of the most trusted and clear information providers for the users later on over the period of the time. Earlier, there used to be cases, especially when you have moved out to a place which is completely new for you and you don’t know whether the train has arrived at or else it already crossed the station, even it is going to be difficult task to ask the local representatives especially in a big platform stations. Due to this lack of technology, so many have to struggle in order the know the information about their train status, but as over the time, with the growth of Technology and live tracking systems, now, it has become easy for the people to access all these information and most of the times, you can see people are curious and desperate to know how much time it will still take to reach their destination using the Live Train status data inside the train. Thus with the growth of the technology, the accessing of the data has also become popular among the users and thus serving them in a better manner. At the same time, you also need to be very careful and use the information as some of the people who are lazy enough thinks that they can start when the train comes near but as the updates can be delayed for few minutes, you can face the situations of the train has crossed the station by the time you arrived. So don’t try to use the information in such a way, always check what is the last updated information time and where the train located, based on it stay before 15 minutes early always in order to avoid any such kind of bad experiences.

Train Status Accuracy

The accuracy of the Train status most of the times will be fine with around 5 to 10 minutes delay in some possible cases. However, you can know more the accuracy when you track inside the train using the GPS devices. While the regular Train Status information might come up with a slight delay which can be up to 10 minutes, So always use the Train Running status information with a caution and don’t be too lazy thinking that there is still more time for the train to arrive. With the advent of Technology, it was possible now to display the information in a much better interface to help about the complete stations and their actual and departure timings along with delay timings at each station. Hence use the data with a caution and we are not responsible for the accuracy of the information being provided, however, we do our best in order to ensure everything works as best as possible.

How to know Live Train Status

Whenever you are travelling in a train or else have a Train Journey, you will obviously want to know the live tracking of your train as most of the times, it is common to have the trains being runned on a delay basis. Then you can check about live train status of your particular train by simply enter the train number on the search bar which will redirect you to particular train live train status data.

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